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GMAW Bronze Welding Wire

Welding wire in presentation of micro wire for GMAW process. This welding process establishes an electric arc between a wire that is fed continuously and the piece to be welded. The arc protection is carried out through a gas that can be inert (Argon or Helium). MIG process: Metal Inert Gas; or active (CO2 or Ar-CO2 Mixture) MAG process: Metal Active Gas. The AWS identifies this process as GMAW: Gas Metal Arc Welding.


  • Welding wire speeds greater than SMAW and GTAW.

  • Higher hourly deposition rate

  • Minimal cleaning required after welding

  • It can be used to weld any ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

  • In short-circuit transfer it can be welded in any position.

  • Long length welds can be carried out without having joints between the cords, avoiding imperfections.

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